Multi-award winning vastu compliant house design by Kamat & Rozario

Sharma House

Location: Bangalore, India
Photo credits: Lester Rozario


1. A Celebration of Architecture Awards, Inside Outside: Best Architecture Award – Residential

2. Indian Architect & Builder: Young Designers

The brief: “A vastu compliant contemporary house”

The 30-year-old Bangalore house with thick walls nearly hugged the plot’s boundary and was so compact with the neighboring homes that it totally blocked natural light inside.

The aim of the renovation & extension of this residence, focusing on a vastu compliant house design, was to ‘de-clutter’ the existing living spaces by getting rid of its dark corners. We took the vastu prerequisites and decided to turn it into a spatial asset.

The new skin had two parts:

The staircase block– The staircase was moved to the northern side by demolishing the first flight of the existing staircase. This, when added to the setback outside, created a vibrant sunny spot yet a private outdoor space.

The hanging wall – As a huge projection above the car park, its top was not accessible. This was converted into a study. As the slab could not take a load of a wall so we hung the outer skin from the roof.

The additional volumes in brick and concrete latch seamlessly onto the existing structure, expressed in white. In this vastu compliant house design, all the doors and windows were re-used. The new windows were imagined to be ‘tonally different’ from their older cousins.

vastu compliant house design - front elevation
vastu compliant house design - Wall textures
vastu compliant house design - corner garden pathways
perspective - vastu compliant house design
Stairwell design - Sharma house
Stairwell unit design elements - Sharma house
Inset stairs - Sharma house
Green corner- Sharma House