Hazel House

Location: Bangalore, India
Photo credits: Lester Rozario

Scope: Interior Design

No fuss and no frills. Clean and contemporary. This was the client’s brief for the interior design of their penthouse in Bangalore. This was the home of a family of four – a couple and their almost teen children.

The main areas of the home were rather deep with the source of light at one far end. This created dark and dimly lit corners.

The marble flooring was conceived as a white reflective surface to carry the maximum possible incident light deep into the space. The plain white walls also play the same role. The idea was to have as many uninterrupted white surfaces as possible.

The rusty brown slate used for the terrace stands in sharp contrast to this white interior, in terms of colour as well as texture. The fenestration between the exterior and interior was designed such that it could be moved out of the way completely thereby blurring the boundary it inhabits and making the terrace a part of the living room.

The living space on the lower floor had a cutout that opened out to the family room on the upper floor. Light emitted from the bespoke light fixture became the tying element between the two spaces in this penthouse design.

The furniture and ceiling elements were a combination of white with dark wood veneer.

penthouse design in bangalore - lighted interiors
penthouse design in bangalore - dining space
penthouse balcony - penthouse design in bangalore
Light, bright and airy living space - penthouse design in bangalore
hazel penthouse in bangalore
first floor landing - penthouse design in bangalore
Entertainment corner - penthouse design in bangalore
Living area perspective - penthouse design
Hazel Penthouse bangalore
Stairwell area