Esko Lounge

Location: Bangalore, India
Photo credits: Vikram Ponappa


Archidesign Awards 2013

Best Design Award (Certificate of Merit) – Esko

The Esko Lounge and Restaurant on the top floor of a 5–story structure was the new ‘lounge’ version of the erstwhile Clay Pot restaurant. The requirement was to flesh out the new avatar of the dining space reusing older material. The lounge design called for a gradual progression from closed to open, and was planned taking full advantage of the street frontage, and the mellow north light.

The interior design revolved around the roof form which diverged upwards, creating a forced perspective and a feeling of openness. Two long slivers carved out of the roof, beginning from the enclosed restaurant to the lounge area, housing a series of suspended clay pots were planned. The two long slivers created a spatial continuity between the restaurant and the lounge. The floor and the furniture had also been cleverly designed to merge into each other’s shadows.

The roof in this lounge design also created an external skin – a 14-foot high surface that was broken up into an upper and lower section. The upper section had clear glass which allowed the street side light to stream in. The lower section was kept totally open, with a large canopy keeping the rain out, but letting in the breeze.

Esko Lounge design by Kamat & Rozario
Esko lounge design - logo motif
lounge design in bangalore - stylised ceiling light fixtures
Bar counter design - Esko Lounge
Unique Claypot ceiling lights - lounge design
Bay windows for light - lounge design
Bar Counter design
Claypot lights - perspective view
Recycled beer bottles lighting - Esko lounge