Family Dental Care - Dental Clinic Interior Design by Kamat & Rozario

Family Dental Care

Location: Bangalore, India

Photo credits: Lester Rozario


IIID Anchor Awards 2018 – Southern Region Commendation – Workspace Small

The Dental Clinic Interior Design was inspired by an oversimplified abstraction of a tooth.

This element makes an appearance in the various objects in the space be it the screen separating the clinic from the reception, the flooring pattern, or the legs of the waiting benches.

The space is designed for a dentistry couple. It consisted of three consultation rooms,  a lab, a pantry, and a reception. The two main consultation rooms and the lab were placed towards the street to take maximum advantage of daylight as these were the most active spaces throughout the day. The third consultation room was for visiting doctors and was not frequently used.  The plan allows free movement of the patients and tucks the service areas from the main circulation spine.

This dental clinic interior design ensured all partition walls were kept low to allow maximum light penetration into the inner areas like the reception. A screen separating the consultation room and the reception allows daylight to filter into the reception and at the same time maintain privacy.

Dental Clinic Interior Design - Vestibule
Dental Clinic Interior Design - Clinical Examination Rooms
Dental Clinic Interior Design - Reception area
Spacious dental examination rooms
Dental Clinic Interiors
Dental Clinic Latticework separation Panel
Interiors of Family Dental care