Location: Bangalore, India
Photo credits: Dev Amberdekar


NDTV Design & Architecture Awards 2016  Hospitality Commendation Award

Trends Excellence Awards for Architecture & Design 2016  Bar/Restaurant of the Year Commendation Award

The client’s wish was to set up a global eatery, with an eclectic menu. He wanted a casual setting for the cafe interior design in Bangalore. The site measuring 3.3mx11.8m was considerably small and narrow and located in a very cosmopolitan albeit old part of Bangalore.

Our inspiration for the interior design came from a quaint old watering hole called Dewar’s not far from here and we thought, can a friendship begin with – “Could you pass the salt please?” Though recently shut down, Dewar’s had become somewhat of an institution, whose spirit lay in perfect strangers coming together and sharing a table. As an ode to this spirit, a large communal table was envisaged, where people could strike up a conversation with their fellow diners. It also became the best way to have as many covers as possible in the relatively small space available!

Across the street is a dense green patch, almost at eye level.  Thus the front façade is kept totally transparent to bring in this greenery.  A large white wall is kept bare for local artists from Bangalore and around to showcase their work.

As a part of the design process for the restaurant interiors, we sought to consciously reuse and recycle as much material as possible and see what interesting features this would result in. All the furniture in the space is made out of teak wood, salvaged from old furniture owned by the client. Therefore the wooden boards forming the table tops have no uniform size or pattern. The dissimilar chairs are also recycled and retrofitted, in keeping with the eclectic theme of the eatery.  The cafe interior design also had hanging lamps that were designed from scrap we picked up from a local market – old clutch parts from trucks and perforated metal sheets.

cafe interior design- Lemirado cafe
cafe interior design in Bengaluru
Stairwell design economy - cafe interior design
Lemirado cafe outdoor view
Stairwell - lemirado cafe
Unique stairway design - Bengaluru cafe'