Agarwal Residence - apartment interior design - kamat & rozario

Agrawal Residence

Location: Bangalore, India
Photo credits: Lester Rozario

Storage, storage, and more storage were the client’s brief for the interior design of their residence in Bangalore.

The living areas of this 14th-floor apartment opened up to balconies with unrestricted views that added a breezy quality to the ambiance.

The design process for this apartment interior began with the decision to not compromise on the openness of the various spaces.  We approached the problem by beefing up some of the peripheral existing walls with storage and in some cases knocking off the existing walls and making the storage double up as partition walls to save on space.

The entrance opens into a foyer that is entirely lined with storage. The wall then turns into the living and becomes this large continuous skin of shelving and cabinetry, separating the living from the kitchen; a part of which is stopped short to become the breakfast counter.

The entire house has a homogenous grey floor, offset by the natural veins of the marble which forms the second skin for the walls of the living spaces.

The entire living room opens up to a balcony which allows for a brightly lit space throughout the day.

The master bedroom was kept simple as the space was very limited and storage here too was high on the agenda. The use of wood and plain white surfaces helped in keeping the palette light in this apartment interior design.

apartment interior design - living space
apartment interior design - dining space
apartment interior design - kitchen partition
kids' rooms design Agarwal house
kids room space-agarwal house interior design