White Canvas Office Interiors Design by Kamat & Rozario

White Canvas

Location: Bangalore, India
Photo credits: Shanavas Photography


1. IIID Anchor Awards  – Southern Region: Runners Up – Affordable Interiors

2. Archidesign Awards: Best Design Award (Certificate of Merit) – White Canvas

WHITE CANVAS is an independent advertising agency based out of Bangalore, Karnataka. It was a given that the most appropriate workspace interior design for them would be a natural extension of their titular theme.

Just as a blank white canvas takes on the personality of the artist, our inspiration also drew parallels to Absolut Vodka’s “Absolut Blank” Campaign where artists were invited to express themselves on a blank canvas in the shape of the iconic Absolut bottle. The clean white canvas then takes on different avatars depending on the artist’s imagination. The project held the promise of turning into a unique architectural design example in interior design, in Bangalore.

The requirement of the client included a number of closed rooms for meetings, discussions, and ideation sessions. These closed spaces or ‘containers’ represented the ‘Absolut bottle’. The infill wall for each container defined its character, reflecting its own personality depending upon its user and program. Waste pieces of blockboard, generated from all the carpentry done at the site were used to create an unfinished surface for each ‘container’.

The containers were placed in the center of the floor so that air and natural light circulation were unhindered. The work areas of the advertising agency’s teams happened along the periphery of the central block. The areas between the containers served as informal breakout spaces.

White Canvas Office interior design by Kamat & Rozario
 White Canvas Office interiors - Unique cubicles
 White Canvas Office interiors - Think Space
 White Canvas Office interiors - Unique cubicles
Advertising Agency Office interiors - Unique cubicles
 White Canvas Office interiors - vibrant furniture
 White Canvas Office interiors - Lounge area
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Wall textures and panelling Office interior design
 White Canvas Office interiors
White canvas concept of the absolut bottle