8 Bit Office Mumbai design by Kamat Rozario

8 Bit Office Mumbai

The client desired the office to be themed on eight-bit games from the 80s.

Omnipresent in most ’80s games such as Tetris or Space Invaders are the heavily pixilated graphics and the bright colours. The idea of the pixel became the guiding principle for the design of this office space. The office is located on the 10th floor of a typical commercial complex. It had a glass façade on 2 sides, with a view of Bombay’s skyline and a clean open floor plate with the exception of a few large columns.

Planning was kept simple with closed spaces kept to a minimum. The workstations were located along the periphery and the closed rooms were brought to the center of the space. This allowed natural light to flood the entire 8 Bit Office Mumbai. Closed rooms were simply grouped together in the center as one entity. The functioning of the office required two separate departments. The interface between these two was a common breakout space.

The idea of the pixel was translated into storage that wraps around existing columns in the form of brightly coloured 3D pixels. Surfaces forming the Conference block were kept stark, using strips of unfinished ply and white weaving to form an ’80s invader’.

The ceiling was left bare, thereby creating a sharp contrast with all the remaining elements which were all polished & shiny.

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