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School in Banglore

Location: Bangalore, India

The school complex consisted of a three-storied building and an already erected network of columns and beams. They needed a kindergarten section and an auditorium within the incomplete structure, with a floor for the high school section above.

We began by opening up the roof at the intersection of the school building and the incomplete structure to serve as a light well, a ventilation shaft, and a greenspace – that would be shared by all. The indoor garden in our school design on the first floor became an interesting tool to introduce gardening to children.

The auditorium had to be a multi-purpose hall, with functions that needed varied amounts of light. For this, we lined it with a double skin. The double skin was punctuated by a series of staggered slits which allowed indirect sunlight in. It was an exercise of subtraction of light until an optimum level is achieved. The auditorium is not air-conditioned. So with the windows closed, the slits act as air vents, also making it a well-lit hall when open.

The high school section in the school design was added above this configuration with a sloping RCC roof and a skylight at the uppermost level in line with the cutouts created below. Vents at the highest point create a mild draft through the light well.

School main structure
cutaway of the school design  structure showing all levels
frontal elevation of the School
expansive wall decor - School design in bangalore
inspirational wall inscriptions - School design in bangalore
natural light flow - School design in bangalore
split level light fall - School design in bangalore
School architecture that employs abundant natural light
unique wall inscriptions School design in bangalore
airy, bright wallsa nd vestibules
innovative wall seating design for children
abundant light design using skylights
play of light