Stirred Creative

Location: Bombay, India

Photographs: Lester Rozario


IIID Anchor Awards 2017 – Southern Region

Runners Up – Workspace Small

Stirred Creative is an Advertising agency based out of Bangalore & Mumbai, India

We started this office interior design in Mumbai with a very simple brief. The client wanted a White Office.  With limited space provided for this Ad Agency, the challenge was to create a space that appeared white, without being flat and uninspiring.  The idea of a Thin White Veil was conceptualized – a gesture that would seem white on the surface but would reveal subtle hints of all the elements and goings-on behind, in the form of shadows, and tints of colour.

The idea of the Thin White Veil is interpreted as frosted surfaces with varying translucencies for this office interior in Mumbai.

The main work area forms the center of the office space. Two large white tables form the bulk of this space. The dark floor creates a distinct background and accentuates the stark white tables in terms of Architectural design. The floor turns up in the form of a translucent screen constructed using two layers of metal seen through a frosted sheet of glass. Hints of a passer-by are seen through the screen.

The discussion table doubles up as a meeting area and the translucent screen behind it acts as a scribble board. The white table itself explores various textures and shades of white owing to the extruded surfaces under its top which act as storage pockets. Stationery and other daily objects kept in these pockets result in soft colours on the tabletop creating a welcome break from the white surroundings. The rest of the office interior design features a variety of white’s mildly broken by shards of turquoise by way of shelves and surfaces and is brought alive by the constantly changing, shadows and silhouettes – all seen through the Thin White Veil.

office interior design of the Stirred creative Ad agency
office interior design - meeting space
Translucent interiors - office interior design
office interior design - work spaces
Meeting space- Stirred creative office space
office interior design - office partitions
Work stations - office interior design
Work station interiors - office interior design
Seating interiors - office interior design