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Sharma House

Location : Bangalore, India
Photo Credits : Lester Rozario



1. A Celebration of Architecture Awards, Inside Outside: Best Architecture Award – Residential
2. Indian Architect & Builder : Young Designers



The brief : “A vastu compliant contemporary house” on a 40×60  plot for a residence in Bangalore.

The skin had two parts :
1. The concrete & brick – The front two blocks which also housed the staircase was envisaged in brick & concrete.

2. The rest of the house – was left muted in white

The additional volumes in brick and concrete latch seamlessly on to the rest of the structure.  All the doors and windows were recycled wood.

The house had a central courtyard around which the built structure was wrapped. This allowed light to penetrate deep into the structure keeping all spaces bright and airy for this residence in Bangalore