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Ananya Technologies

Location: Bangalore, India
Photos: Tulsi, Smruti Kamat


IIID Anchor Awards– National : Runners Up – Young Interior Designer of the Year


IIID Anchor Awards– National :  Commendation- Work Space Small


The space was part manufacturing facility for miniature electronic components for defense aircrafts and part office. This was an experiment in interior design using atypical materials at minimal cost.

The work space was designed along the lines of an IC board, an integral part of their products. The inter-connecting color coded pipes crisscrossing the ceiling were reminiscent of tracks in a circuit board. They created a 3 – D idea of the circuit board while serving as electrical conduits.This also helped in doing away with a false ceiling thereby reducing the cost significantly.

Data archiving of each and every product they manufactured required huge storage which didn’t need to be readily accessible. They also required about 30% of the floor free for possible manufacture of larger components. The storage was lifted off the floor,with a conference room envisaged below a metal storage loft hanging from the ceiling. The conference room could now have efficient air conditioning, owing to its ‘manageable volume’. It also effectively did away the requirement of cabinets.

Application of the same design aesthetics for the rest of the work space included having the visual barrier for all the work stations made from the same metal sheet and the wooden fan blades at the foyer replicating old aircraft rotor blades.